Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Talk About The Daily 5

Hey friends! So, it may be that you have been implementing the Daily 5 in your classroom already or you may want to try and start this in your room this year. Either way different people do things in different ways. I have read the book written by the sisters, and I have searched endless amounts of websites for how people actually implement this in their classrooms. Now, there is A LOT to cover when it comes to the Daily 5 and today the only thing I really want to look at in detail is how to effectively have students "choose" their station. Here is what I have found:

One idea that is extremely important to the sisters is "choice". Students respond better if they are given a choice of how they would like to spend their learning time. The methods above is fairly common. Students are given a routine that they are to stick with. I have seen this method used fairly often in classroom. I like it, but I really wanted to give my kids choice. So I continued to search.

I  found the clip chart method. This is where students will stand and place their clothes pin in which particular area that they would like to go. I like them....BUT I don't LOVE them. Well, I am happy to share one last strategy that I will be implementing this year that I am hoping {key word} that I love. A FABULOUS teacher at my school shared this with me and I am truly excited about it.

I worked super hard on this lovely and I hope to hear some comments on how I can improve and revise if I need to. Here is your very own copy if you decide to implement this strategy: Daily 4

Here is how this works. In the beginning you start with a whole group lesson. Once you are finished. You will start to dismiss students to their stations. {Please take a note that I am only doing the daily 4. We have a separate time for writing.}

1. Tell the students which you will be meeting with to go to the blue table and reread their books in their book bag that are level books. This is important! They are to only read their level books. This is instructional time ;) You will write a "T" for teacher on the first square for which ever day you are on.

2. Next call for those friends who would like to go to independent reading. The students will raise their hands and you can write an "I" for independent reading. Again, write this letter on the first square on the day that you are on.

3. Then call for those students who would like to go to the listening station. Those students will raise their hands and depending on your resources this may be different. I allow students to go to the computers or take a CD player to their desks. I will allow as many students as I have resources available to go to these stations. I would then ask each student which they would like {either computer or CD player} once they give me their choice I will dismiss them and write a large L and a small c - for computer or cd - for CD player on the first square for the day that you are on. Here is what it will look like.

4. Call for those friends who would like to go to word work. For this station I will have three different options. There will be a) letters, b) popcorn words, and c) word families. Now this is where it might get a little more complicated. I try to  be specific as to which of the word work stations the students are going to when I am writing it down. So if they go to letters, then I will write a W with a small "l" on bottom of the right side of the letter W. Uh! Does that make sense?

Here is an image of what this would look like:
Oh! Here is something else that is super important. For the independent station whoever would like to go can go. I allow endless amounts of students to read independently. For Word work only 6 students can choose to do this station at one time. Each individual word work station has 2 students at one time. I feel that any more than that would cause chaos.

5. The final station that I would call is partner reading. There will be six mini areas for this station. Students will have the opportunity to choose from the following: a) smartboard, b) chart station, c) retelling, d) big books, e) library, and f) reading. Once the station is called students will stand and just like in the book, will walk over to the person of their choice and ask them to be their partner. Once all the students are partnered, I will ask them which station they would like to go to. After they give me their choice I will dismiss them and repeat what I did for the other stations by writing a large P and on the bottom right side of the P a code that matches the mini stations. Here are my codes: s - smartboard, c - chart station, rt - retelling, b - big books, l - library, and r - reading.

WOW! I know this seems like a lot of work, but once students have had practice and know the routine this can be as simple as lining up. I like the idea of this because I am giving students a choice, and in a way I am still effectively managing my students. Now, I know your probably wondering about what I am going to do for those students who want to go to a station that is full...... well, the answer is simple. I will simple tell them, "I am sorry Johnny, but that station is full at this time. You can either go to (blank) or (blank)). Students are only allowed to go partner read, listen, and word work once a day. They can however, independent read as many times as they like. This is also a great way to keep my students accountable for what they are doing while I am small groups. I will always know what my students should be doing. Oh, and yes you will do this three more times. Ha! After one station, we meet back at the carpet and conduct another minilesson. This repeats until we are done or out of time ;).

I know this is a lot of information, and hopefully once I get this implemented in my classroom I will be able to put up some pictures. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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